Thursday, November 13, 2008

1 Michelin star Jason Atherton

Aged Fillet of Beef

Here is the brief resume of Chef Atherton taken from Foodie Confidential of the 28 Sept 08 issue of The Sunday Times:
His first brush with cooking was when he joined the British Army's catering arm for four months at the age of 16.
After a brief stint in a small restaurant, he decided to take cooking as a career more seriously, and moved to from his hometown of Skegness to London.
There he found a job at Michelin-starred chef Pierre Koffman's restauant La Trante Claire, where he worked three months for free to prove himself. He stayed on for two years before joining other Michelin starred chefs Nico Ladenis and Marco Pierre White.
He has also worked in France and at molecular gastronomy guru Ferran Adria's renowned El Bulli in Roses Spain.
He joined British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in 2000, and they became business partners in 2005.
Atherton is now the Executive chef at Maze in Mayfair,London, for which he earned his Michelin star in 2006.

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